Yu-Gi-Oh GX The Abridged Series
Series Information
Starring ShadyVox
Created By ShadyVox and xthedarkone
Seasons Season 1 (In Progress)
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Main Character Jaden Yuki
Useless Character Syrus

"Water Water everywhere B*tch"
-Bastion Misawa (Episode 10)

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX The Abridged Series (sometimes refered to as YGXTAS) is a parody of the Yu-Gi-Oh! spin-off show "Yu-Gi-Oh! GX" that is running on channel of "DarkSideIncorporated", inspired by the original abridged series that is "Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series" created by LittleKuriboh (A.K.A: CardGamesFTW). YGXTAS is produced and created by ShadyVox (also known as Shastealer2) and xthedarkone. Together, they are known as the team abridging team called "DarkSideIncorporated".

They also make amuseing music videos that look and act like AMV's but but are sung by ShadyVox and xthedarkone as thier characters.


Yu-Gi-Oh! GX The Abridged Series, also most commonly known as "YGXTAS" was created in October 2007. The first episode, "I'm Jaden And I'm Flawless", was originally presented by Shastealer2and Sabakyuugara, however due to having microphoneissues shortly during production, Sabakyuugaara dropped out, leaving Shastealer2 to complete the episode on his own. However, it is still visible to this day that Sabakyuugaara is credited in the opening intro scene in the original dub of episode one.

When the first episode was completed, it was originally posted on Shastealer2's YouTube channel. However, this video was very different from his usual work of The Lion King dubs that Shastealer2 was more renowned for, the video didn't go very well with his subscribers, so as such - Shastealer quickly removed the video from the channel to stop the complaints

However Shastealer2 was determined to make this project work regardless of what the subscribers thought. To which, Shastealer2 created a sub-account of "DarkSideIncorporated" on YouTube to which it would host the video and hopefully more episodes to come to the series.

In the attempt to find constructive critism and ideas, Shastealer2 introduced the video to his friend "xthedarkone", who despite "feeling awkwardly disgusted" watching the video, offered to assist him in the making of episode two, to which he lent the voices of characters that he still roles as today; Syrus, Crowler, Chazz, Alexis and many more.

After the posting of Episode 2 "Chazz Jenkins" to the account of DarkSideIncorporated, the series was beginning to become noticed and mentioned among the abridging community. Shortly after, Shastealer2 offered an official position to xthedarkone as part of the DarkSideIncorporated to which he accepted.