For the series see The Annoying Orange (series)
For the first episode see The Annoying Orange (episode)
Gender Male
Species Orange
Age 1
Nemesis Fred, Leprauchan
Professional Information
Profession Be Annoying
Friends and Family
Creator Daneboe
Friend(s) Pear
Love interests Passion Fruit
Behind the Scenes
Appearances The Annoying Orange
Voiced by Daneboe

Orange (better known as "The Annoying Orange," or simply as "Annoying Orange") is the main protagonist of the The Annoying Orange series and its specials. He is a young, scatterbrained, and clueless orange, who enjoys doing tricks and telling jokes to everyone.

Biography and Personality

Orange is young, silly, innocent, tiny, extremely funny, and happy-go-lucky, and enjoys doing tricks and telling jokes to everyone. He is known for driving people crazy by annoying them by doing tricks and jokes. Orange keeps on telling jokes until the other character(s) goes stark-raving mad.

He is described by his friends as being a moron, idiotic, and irritating.

After telling jokes and doing tricks, the bald orange often laughs his trademark laughter (which is usually an obnoxious cackle, like "Heh-hee ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"). Most of his friends are very sarcastic, as shown in the episodes. However, Orange is also a little sassy-mouthed himself sometimes.

He also tries to warn his friends when Daneboe comes at them with a knife, which is often. However, Orange usually waits a while making shocked faces before he tells the other character(s).

Orange has human eyes, no nose, and a human mouth (just like all of the other characters) with yellow teeth.

The Annoying Orange's famous catchphrases are "Hey, Apple!", "Knife!", "I'm not [action]! I'm an orange!", "Uh-uh!", "I'm bored!", and "Whoa!".

He also seems to be completely unaware of the hostile feelings people show towards him.

The Annoying Orange is always in the good side throughout the series except Annoying Orange: The Onion Ring, where he turns everyone into Onion Rings.