TeamFourStar's DragonBall Z Abridged
Series Information
Starring MasakoX
Created By TeamFourStar
Seasons Season 1 (Complete)
Season 2 (In Progress)
Main Character Goku
Useless Character Krillin

"No Homo "
-Vegeta (Episode 17)

Dragon Ball Z Abridged is the title of TeamFourStar's abridged series based on the Dragon Ball Z anime. This abridged series is one of the most successful series created in '08-'09 and was featured on That Guy with The Glasses offical website.


  • The Krillin-Owned Counter.
  • Krillin often makes insensitive comments that others think are "too soon".
  • Mr. Popo is nightmare fuel.
  • A mountain climber yodeling "Ricola" only to scream in agony when the mountain is utterly destroyed/cut down by a missed attack.
  • Piccolo's lack of reproductive organs.
  • Gohan is often called a nerd for his intelligence, mainly by Piccolo.
  • Piccolo always yells "DODGE!" when he's about to attack Gohan during training, eventually resulting in an opposite, traumatized response from Gohan whenever he hears it.
  • While en route to Earth, Nappa keeps asking Vegeta "Are we there yet?". This is subverted in Episode 8 while waiting for Goku ("Is he here yet?").
  • King Kai constantly tells Bubbles, Gregory, and Bojack to "Shut up!"
  • Tien and Chiaotzu are misconceived as a gay couple, since Tien often looks at Chiaotzu as his son, or younger brother.
  • Raditz is constantly referred to as "weak."
  • Vegeta makes a few very weak puns or jokes.
  • Goku's addiction to food, which often distracts him from important objectives/fights.
  • Nappa's belief that Chiaotzu is a Pokemon, to the extent that he throws a Pokeball at Chiaotzu in an attempt to catch him.
  • Poor hindsight that characters point out in the aftermath of, or right before, another character's death, or when a new attack is used:
    • Piccolo points out that Raditz could have flown in order to dodge the Special Beam Cannon that killed him.
    • Krillin, before using it, admits he could have used his Destructo Disc earlier which may have saved his friends' lives.
    • Piccolo thought to grab Gohan and jump out of the way of Nappa's finishing attack, but before doing so, was killed by the attack.
  • A harsh put-down regarding a character's actions or loss, followed by an insincere "Sorry for your loss."
  • Tienshinhan often acting as a stereotypical strict parent-figure towards Chaotzu.
  • Bulma is often the subject of crude sexual humor
    • Krillin referring to Bulma as "Boobs", and then immediately correcting himself and calling her by her real name.
    • Oolong suggesting Bulma's panties as an example of wishing for anything from the Dragon Balls.
    • Krillin, while traveling to Namek with Gohan and Bulma, wanting to "relieve himself" after watching Bulma walk around in nothing but her underwear.
    • Dende finding Bulma's breasts to be "quite lovely" and wanting to nestle between them.
  • Zarbon makes many homo-erotic comments about various things, but is in fact straight.
  • Bulma being left behind while the others go on missions.
  • Every time someone says something suggestive to Gohan, he'll say, "I need an adult...?"

CM Favorite Quotes


"Card games on motorcycles "
-Goku (Brand New Abridged Series By LittleKuriboh)

"Quack "
-Krillin (Episode 14)


"This is going to be "
-Nappa (Episode 8)

"Uh..uh Vegeta!! Look a Pokemon "
-Nappa talking about Chaotzu (Episode 7)


-Unknown Alien (Bardock Father Of Goku)