Philip J. Fry
"I don't trust these noobs..."
Gender Male
Species Human
Age 36 (biologicаlly)

1036 (chronologically)

Hometown New York
Born 1974
Friends and Family
Parents Yancy Fry, Sr
Siblings Yancy Fry, Jr
Grandparents Mildred (grandmother)

Himself (grandfather)

Friend(s) Bender
Love interests Leela
Nephew Phillip J. Fry II
Behind the Scenes
Appearances Futurama
Voiced by Billy West

Philip J. Fry (born August 9, 1974, Brooklyn, Old New York, New York) was a native to the 20th century who was cryogenically frozen in the year 1999, revived in 2999, and subsequently became a delivery boy for the Planet Express Company.

The Future

Fry awoke on December 31, 2999. After a few minutes, he realized that he was in the future and was subsequently greeted by Terry exclaiming “Welcome to the World of Tomorrow!” Fry then meets Leela who informs him that he will be assigned the career of delivery boy and that he has one living relative, his great great great .... great nephew, Professor Hubert Farnsworth. Before Leela is able to implant the delivery boy career chip into Fry's hand, he runs away. Mistaking a suicide booth for a phone booth, Fry attempts to contact Professor Farnsworth and meets Bender, but they escape death. Eventually Fry finds Professor Farnsworth and becomes a delivery boy for the Planet Express Delivery Company. [8]

During his career at Planet Express, Fry has rediscovered the original moon landing site,[10] discovers he is rich and then subsequently gets scammed out of it by Mom and her sons,[11] becomes Emperor of the planet Tri-Sol after drinking their current emperor,[12] saves Earth from a giant garbage ball by demonstrating how to create garbage,[13] enrolled and dropped out of Mars University,[5] discovered the secret ingredient of Slurm with his coworkers,[3] prevented Leela from marrying Alkazar (an alien posing as the only other remaining member of the Cyclops race),[14] aided in the discovery of the Lost City of Atlanta,[15] becomes infested by worms that make him intelligent, physically fit, and able to play the holophoner,[16] saves Earth and then the universe from the Brainspawn due to him lacking the delta brainwave,[9] saves the Planet Express crew from Roberto whilst believeing he was a robot,[17] gets married to and then subsequently divorced from Leela,[18] becomes his own grandfather (the reason he lacks a delta brainwave),[19] helps in discovering Leela's parents and the fact that Leela is a mutant and not an alien as previously believed,[20] becomes a superhero,[21] discovers his old dog fossilized at a museum exhibit of a twentieth century pizzeria,[7] and writes and performs an opera by playing a holophoner while he possessed the Robot Devil's hands

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