New Vestroia is a new version of the Old Vestroia. New Vestroia came to be after Drago defeated Naga and obatained both the Infinity Core and Silent Core. Drago used his new power to make Vestroia one world instead of six attributed worlds. This event is known as the "Wonder Revolution". When Drago made New Vestroia he turned into the Perfect Core and was no longer a Bakugan. For some time there was peace in New Vestroia until the Vestals arrived. That was when Drago evolved into the Bakugan Neo Dragonoid formed by the six Legendary Soldiers of Vestroia. Drago goes to Earth to find his old partner Dan, but Marucho tagged along also. While in New Vestroia Dan and Marucho find a girl named Mira,she is the leader of the Bakugan Battle Brawlers Resistance. They consist of Ace, Baron, Mira, Dan, Marucho(and later Shun) when he saves Marucho from Mylene. They join together to find and destroy the three dimension controllers.

When the Vestals moved into New Vestroia, they built cities. The cities are ultra-modren. Proof of this is when they have video camera phones, video email and such. The Vestal Technology is similiar to our own. When the Vestals had arrived they had enslaved the Bakugan, using the dimensons controller as a device to change the Bakugan into ball form.

When the King of the Vestals arrived, he attempted to steal the Legendary Soliders' energy to destroy the Bakugan to make New Vestroia appear uninhabitated to convince people he wasn't a liar and to put their overflowing population into Vestroia.

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