Alternate Reality Dragon Ball Z
Series Information
Starring Gozar
Created By Gozar
Seasons Over 60 Episodes
Main Character Vegeta
Useless Character Gohan (Mystic Gohan)

"Whisper-Hameha "
-Goku (Episode 47)

It is a parody series created by SSJ.Gozar.


originally the episodes were meant to be a direct abridgedment. though gozar decided to stun out of the regular abridgeders (though ater episode 22 he did do saga retellings)

Characters & Outline

Unlike in the original series, Vegeta is the main character and apparently he also hates Mystic Gohan. Another character difference is Goku during the cell saga retelling,became a bisexual.

Piccolo is a big Celeyne Dion fan and like in the series is usually the voice of reason. the others picking on Gohan is another difference stating he a loser. like Gohan, Krillin is seen being picked on by Vegeta. future Trunks stays practically the same,Frieza is not known if gay or straight,but they make him so he cant tell time,and Cell is a homosexual. other characters are not explained in detail.

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