Ghost Nappa
Ghost Nappa
Character Information
Gender Male
Hair Color Saiyan (Ghost)
Species Saiyan (Ghost)
Occupation Haunt others
Relatives Vegeta (Partner)
Appearances TFS DragonBall Z Abridged
Voiced by Takahata101

Nappa is the large Saiyan warrior who accompanied Vegeta to Earth, in order to collect the Dragon Balls. He is voiced by Takahata101.

Nappa is a hot-blooded warrior, immensely powerful, but not very smart or patient. He managed to wipe out Tien, Chaiotzu, and Piccolo without much effort, but he couldn't even land a punch on Goku, who had just returned from his training under King Kai. When Vegeta realised that Nappa had killed the one person who made the Dragon Balls work (Piccolo), he finally lost all patience with his partner, and killed him without hesitation.

Probably the most popular character of the Dragon Ball Z Abridged series, Nappa's success in the parody arguably stems down to three qualities: his voice (which is easy to impersonate), his child-like behaviour in playing such games as Catch and Tag, and his unerring ability to annoy Vegeta. This led to a lot of fans expressing regret that he was killed off in Episode 9, as a lot of the humour in the previous episodes had revolved around his character. Happily, Team Four Star decided to bring him back in the final episode: as Vegeta heads back to Planet Frieza and remarks that "It can't get any worse from here", he hears the ghostly voice of Nappa, who then informs Vegeta that "I'm haunting you", to the Saiyan Prince's despair.